August 31, 2015


 Name: Brandon S, Bell, Chairman 
Phone: 401-274-8800
Email Address: [email protected]
Warwick, RI -  This weekend it was reported that the Democratic National Committee failed to pass a resolution in favor of the Iranian Nuclear Deal.  This is consistent with a recent CBS News poll which found that a majority of Americans are against the proposed agreement.  Yet, Senator Reed and Senator Whitehouse have announced their public support for the plan.
Rhode Island Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell noted that Iran's leaders have participated in hate-filled demonstrations calling for 'Death to America' and the annihilation of Israel.  They have supported extremist groups and terrorist organizations across the Middle East, spreading turmoil, conflict and DEATH. They have also refused to return four American hostages all held under dubious charges.
Chairman Bell stated: "The premise of these time sensitive negotiations was to prevent an armed nuclear Iran, but this deal does not block Iran's path to a bomb. Instead, the deal legitimizes Iran's nuclear program and allows it to legally reach a nuclear weapons capability with a breakout time measured in only days. As such, we call upon our Congressional delegation to reject the current "deal" and instruct the President to return to negotiations and secure a better, verifiable agreement that removes the threat of Iranian nuclear weaponization and a dangerous Middle East arms race, not just for the next decade, but forever for the Middle East and the world."
Bell concluded: "The fact that the organizational leadership of his own party rejected this deal represents a complete failure on the part of President Obama to put together an agreement that benefits the United States.  Why then would Senator Reed and Senator Whitehouse willfully disregard the will of the majority of the American people?" 

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