Rhode Island Conservative Caucus: TCI - Wrong in So Many Ways

Barbara Holmes, Chair of the Rhode Island Republican Conservative Caucus, today threw her organization's support firmly behind the work of the #NoTCITax Coalition. The Coalition is a caucus of non-profits and think tanks in 12 US States and the District of Columbia which have organized to oppose a regional interstate compact known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative. "This TCI sham has been eagerly embraced by Governor Raimondo." Holmes said in a prepared statement. "In doing so our Governor has usurped the taxing authority of the Legislature and ignored the economic plight of Rhode Islanders." She concluded.

TCI is an interstate agreement which commits state governments to creating a joint fund to support 'Green Energy' projects in the region. The money is slated to come from administrative fees levied on wholesalers of petroleum motor fuels. As this additional overhead is passed along to consumers it will have the effect of a per gallon increase at the gas pump of between 5 and 17 cents. TCI proponents claim the projects funded in this way will result in a lower carbon footprint for the northeast sector of the US.

"Legislators should be furious that the Governor plans to use an administrative fee to do an End-Around bypass of the General Assembly's constitutional role of raising funds." Barbara Holmes continued. In fact the proposed 12 State initiative is already breaking down under the weight of criticism of both its constitutionality and its ill-advised economic impact. New Hampshire has withdrawn entirely. The governors of Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont have expressed formal opposition to the plan. In Massachusetts, Governor Baker has asked the Bay State Legislature to consider alternative methods of controlling carbon emissions. RI House Speaker, Nicholas Mattiello, has also publicly opposed TCI.

"Yet Governor Raimondo remains committed to this combined Power Grab and Money Grab." Ms. Holmes insisted. "Rhode Island has, arguably, the most fragile economy in the region, so we will suffer most with these forced increases in overhead." The RCC Chair also suggested that few Rhode Islanders have any confidence that the money raised by this heavy-handed method will ever be used for the purposes outlined in the TCI Compact.

The Republican Conservative Caucus is an arm of the Rhode Island Republican Party. The RCC concerns itself with identifying, recruiting, and supporting State Legislative Candidates and with speaking out on issues which threaten individual choice by imposing collective requirements. Learn more on Facebook at RI Republican Conservative Caucus.

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