Jobs in RI

All Rhode Islanders deserve a quality job that rewards them with fair pay and provides families with the financial support they need. Rhode Island Republicans know that the only way our state’s dismal economic environment can be turned around is through massive economic reform that sends the message to entrepreneurs and companies around the globe that the Ocean State is open for business.


One of the key aspects to quality economic development is providing support for small businesses. Small and family-owned businesses make up the vast majority of employers and job providers in our state, and their growth is crucial to Rhode Island’s financial future. Under Democratic leadership, our state has experienced an increase of inexcusable and destructive regulations that have made it incredibly difficult for small businesses to grow or even start. High tax burdens have also forced businesses to choose between raising prices for Rhode Island consumers or laying off workers. Republicans know these kinds of policies do not grow economies; they destroy them. We pledge to create a business climate that supports businesses of every size and makes our state one of the most attractive destinations for businesses in the country.


To encourage business growth and job creation we propose the following:

1. A competitive sales tax and tax code in line with neighboring states.
2. Establish R.I. as a “right to work” state.
3. Elimination of corporate bailouts.
4. Conducting a complete review of all business regulations and modifying or eliminating any that pose an undue burden on small business.
5. Simplifying the regulatory process for businesses, allowing businessmen and businesswomen to focus on growing their companies rather than appeasing bureaucrats at the state capitol.