Immigration Reform

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants, and we understand that immigration reform is at its heart about helping families accomplish the American dream. Our nation and state have been strengthened by the inclusion of people from all over the world whose hard work, talent, and unique perspectives have contributed to our economy and enriched our culture. The Republican Party encourages all newcomers legally among us and wishes to assist them in their journey to full citizenship.

The United States is also a nation of laws. Our government must secure our borders and points of entry to ensure that our citizens of every race and ethnicity are kept safe. Concurrently, we must engage in open and honest bipartisan debate that results in the modernization of immigration laws and the creation of a fair and effective immigration system that will protect both the sovereignty of our country and the welfare of immigrants currently being exploited.

The Republican Party understands that our current immigration system makes it difficult for many people to enter the country legally and quickly. This is why we support increased avenues for legal entry, a streamlined process for permanent citizenship, and the opportunity for all of our nation’s populace to achieve the American dream.