Have You Received Your Mail Ballot Application Yet? We Need Your Help!

Did you receive your Presidential Preference Primary in the mail yet? Did you receive more than the actual number of people living in your household?

If you did, we are asking for your help.

While it may not seem to be a big deal to use mail ballots during a pandemic, the implications of this can be devastating.

First, these applications are ONLY for the Presidential Preference Primary (which typically sees low turnout, but in a year where it is essentially an uncontested primary in both parties, the participation will be low.) Basically, Biden will be the Democratic nominee, and President Trump will be the GOP nominee.

This is conditioning voters to accept this type of voting as "normal." It is not normal. It is also setting a precedent if there is no push back, this will become the "new normal." When the fall elections come around, the opportunity for election abuse and voter fraud is huge, and can literally change the outcome of elections all the way from town council, General Assembly, General officers, even Congress.

Right now Rhode Island has approximately 244,000 more registered voters than it does people according to US Census Bureau numbers. We have been hearing from people who got ballot applications in the mail for family members or former family members who have not lived at that address (or even in this state) for more than 2 decades, and in some cases are deceased. These mail ballots - especially with the elimination of the notary public and/or dual signature verification process, can be fraudulently filled out and ballots can be tendered on behalf of dead people and/or people who are living, and have been voting in another state for 30 years.

If you have received such a ballot application for an individual who no longer resides at your address, or is deceased, we would like to ask that you take a picture of the envelope with the person's name on it, provide the reason why it's an illegitimate ballot (moved, died, votes under a different name etc.) and email it to RI GOP Chairwoman Sue Cienki at [email protected]

Thank you for your help and assistance.

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