In an opinion column, entitled “Finding a Backbone to Support a Line-Item Veto” published this week in the Cranston Herald and Warwick Beacon, R.I. Republican National Committeeman Steven Frias cites the example Cranston chiropractor Victor Pedro in support of adopting a line-item veto.

Here are some excerpts:

Rhode Island is one of only six states that does not provide for a line-item veto to the governor. Consequently, powerful legislators have been able to get away with putting unique spending items to benefit themselves or their supporters in appropriation bills.

A line-item veto is a tool for leaders, who are fiscally astute and politically courageous, to protect the taxpayers from wasteful spending. This is why powerful politicians interested in holding onto their power to benefit either themselves or their supporters usually oppose a line-item veto. Hopefully, the embarrassment of giving nearly two million dollars to a politically connected chiropractor will cause state legislators to finally find their backbone and support a line-item veto.


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