In an opinion column, entitled “On business climate, Rhode Island still ranks at the bottom” published this week in the Cranston Herald, Warwick Beacon, and Johnston Sunrise, R.I. Republican National Committeeman Steven Frias discusses a recently created economic development program and how CNBC ranked Rhode Island as having the worst business climate in the nation.

Here is an excerpt:

"politicians either unable or unwilling to fundamentally change Rhode Island’s business climate continued to pursue economic development policies that favored a few specific businesses. ... All the while, Rhode Island’s business climate continued to be ranked at or near the bottom."

"As long as Rhode Island pursues economic development policies designed to benefit a few businesses, rather than all businesses, its economy will trail behind other states. To fundamentally improve Rhode Island’s business climate ranking, and significantly grow its economy, Rhode Island will need to dramatically lower its taxes and reduce its regulatory burden so it can compete with other states."


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