Former RI Representative Anthony Giarrusso Announces Reelection Bid to Restore Community Priorities at State House

Today, former State Representative Anthony Giarrusso announces his bid for re-election to the Rhode Island House of Representatives --District 30, serving East Greenwich and West Greenwich, a seat he held from 2012-2018. Representative Giarrusso is a Republican, seeking to regain the seat currently occupied by Democrat Justine Caldwell.

“Rhode Island has suffered at the hands of a single, largely unopposed party on Smith Hill that has held an 85% majority in the General Assembly since the mid-1950’s. For the past two years, the so-called “reformer” representative for our District joined the special interests in supporting legislation that hurt our community’s economic growth and fiscal stability. For instance, despite calls from the Town Council and pleas from concerned constituents, she voted against their wishes in support of the Evergreen Bill in 2019 – a bill that ‘handcuffs’ town administrators, and favors the unions, inevitably leading to property-tax increases. I am compelled to rejoin the growing opposition voice to change the status quo government that benefits the connected and as a result, strains the resources of our municipalities. I am honored to step up once again to provide authentic representation in government concerns and responsive solutions to constituent issues.”

During his three terms in office, Giarrusso served on House Finance, House Labor, House Corporations and the House Small Business standing committees. He was also appointed to add his expertise to various study commissions and task forces including those focused on legalizing marijuana, financing bridge and road infrastructure projects, and the tolling impacts on the Sakonnet River Bridge. He sponsored the Neil Fachon Terminally Ill Right to Try Act; infrastructure bonds; tax free accounts for the disabled; bills requiring Federal background checks for school employees; Medicaid fraud and waste prevention; pro rata tax benefits; increased oversight on health and safety regulatory powers; and numerous other legislative initiatives on behalf of District 30 constituents and businesses.

“The state legislature is consistently requiring Rhode Island communities, like East Greenwich and West Greenwich, to do more with less support. This affects our public schools, our local economy and our sales and property taxes –which impacts the well-being of everyone.”

"I am from an immigrant family that moved to Rhode Island when I was four. This country has offered me great opportunities, and I have been able to build a sizeable company and provide good jobs for more than 100 people. I'm running to ensure those opportunities remain in place, especially with the challenging budget reforms in the years ahead. We need to continue to emphasize the availability of a quality education for all; we need to prioritize the creation of a welcoming environment for business; and we have to force government leaders to deliver effective core services that are fiscally efficient. I am ready to go to work for the people in the 30th House District. For the past two years, the people of our district have not had effective, responsive representation. It’s a critical time in our state’s history and we must ensure our voices are heard at the State House. I would be honored to be that champion and ask for your vote in the General Election on November 3, 2020.”

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