April 17, 2015


Media Contact:
Name: Brandon S, Bell, Chairman
Phone: 401-732-8282
Email address:  [email protected]


Warwick, RI - After hearing of the proposal by the new owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox to have the Rhode Island taxpayers subsidize a new baseball park in Providence, R.I., Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell made the following statement:

"This proposal is simply ridiculous.  Rhode Island taxpayers cannot afford to subsidize a ballpark at the cost of $120 million.  The new PawSox owners are putting a squeeze-play on the taxpayers by demanding $120 million or threatening to leave Rhode Island.  The proposal should be thrown out by the taxpayers."

Chairman Bell noted that PolitiFact confirmed the assertion made by Steven Frias, the R.I. Republican National Committeeman, who was the first to come out in opposition to taxpayer subsidization of the stadium proposal, that: "Research performed by economists has shown no consistent, positive impact on jobs, income or tax revenues arising from stadiums or sports franchises."    

Chairman Bell continued: "There is absolutely no reason to believe that building a new ballpark a few miles away from McCoy Stadium will spur economic development in Rhode Island.  All we would be doing is shifting some seasonal jobs in Pawtucket to Providence at the cost of $120 million to the taxpayers.  We were fooled once by one former Red Sox pitcher when he wanted a $75 million loan guarantee. Let's not get fooled again by the 'pitch' of the new owners of an entire baseball team."



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