Ethics & Transparency

The Rhode Island Republican Party strongly supports ethics, transparency, and accountability in government. High ethical standards must be met by all public officials as an essential part of assuring integrity in the policy making process. Unfortunately, our state has earned failing grades in this area. Rhode Island received a “D-” for government spending transparency according to the fourth annual report by the RIPIRG Education Fund.

The General Assembly has been controlled by Democrats for over 75 years, and the Democrat Party currently controls approximately 90% of our legislature. Their power is almost absolute, and they have used it for decades to create a culture of corruption and destructive decision-making. For far too long, government officials have used their offices for political and personal gain, a reality that is reflected in the low rankings the state has received in key areas related to transparency and accountability.

Republicans pledge to create a new culture in Rhode Island. If given the opportunity, we will create objective checks and balances on all political activities in the state and hold those who abuse their powers responsible for their unethical actions. We want to clean up Rhode Island’s corrupt political culture and make our state one of the most transparent in the nation.