Education has been a great economic equalizer in American society. It provides the opportunity for any child, regardless of socio-economic status to be raised up in society based upon hard work and achievement. The best way to benefit a child is for parents and teachers to control education, not politicians and lawyers.

We support the elimination of the Caruolo Act and it’s Maintenance of Effort clause, which has only resulted in taking money away from our children.

We recognize that all children should have access to the best education, meaning parents should be able to allocate tax payer dollars to best serve their child, indicating that money spent on education will directly follow the child. We support school choice programs that will encourage competition between students and schools.

Vocational training in our schools is essential to the creation of a balanced, efficient and productive workforce. We recognize the contributions these curricula have provided and encourage the expansion of similar programs to improve the skill level of the Rhode Island work force.