Recent news reports indicate that a state grand jury has issued subpoenas to the Convention Center Authority in relation to the illegal audit ordered by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. As a result, over the last three months, federal and state grand juries have issued subpoenas related to: (1) Jeff Britt’s money laundering activities in support of the Matteillo campaign; (2) taxpayer funds provided to Dr. Victor Pedro by Mattiello; and (3) an illegal audit ordered by Mattiello, allegedly in retaliation for the Convention Center’s treatment of his friend Jim Demers.

R.I. Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Cienki commented: “The issuance of subpoenas by a grand jury is a major development in this latest Mattiello scandal. It is a sign that there is credible evidence that criminal activity occurred in relation to Mattiello’s illegal audit. A grand jury does not issue subpoenas based on rumor.”

Cienki concluded: “Mattiello is now the subject of a grand jury criminal investigation. House Democrats need to decide if they want to continue to be led by someone under a criminal investigation. When will House Democrats say enough is enough? Will it be after the JCLS is raided? Will it be after Mattiello pleads the Fifth Amendment at the Jeff Britt trial? Will they wait until Mattiello is indicted? The longer House Democrats stand with Mattiello, the easier it will be for voters to see House Democrats as supporters of Mattiello’s corruption.”

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