2022 News & Press


Today, Sue Cienki, Chairwoman of the R.I. Republican party, filed an open meetings complaint against the Reapportionment Commission for their flagrant disregard of the Open Meeting law. There is no doubt that the Reapportionment Commission failed to follow the law. The only question left is whether Attorney General Peter Neronha will actually enforce the law by holding the Commission accountable.
An excerpt from the complaint is below:

McKee Holiday Shopping for Votes with Taxpayer Money

Earlier today, WPRI reported that Governor McKee had reached a tentative agreement with AFSCME Council 94, the state's largest of state workers union, that includes a provision for two separate $1500 bonuses for getting a COVID-19 vaccination. The bonuses will be paid to those yet to be vaccinated and paid to state employees who have already done so.
Rhode Island Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Cienki said:
"It's estimated that AFSCME Council 94 has 10,000 active and retired members it represents. For argument's sake, if only half of that number are active and receive the bonus, this would cost Rhode Island over $15 million."
Cienki continued, "What this essentially does is give free taxpayer money to state workers who have already been vaccinated like the rest of us, while those who remain unvaccinated for religious or health reasons will undoubtedly remain unvaccinated." She concluded, "Governor McKee can frame this as trying to get "needles in arms" as he so proudly repeats every time he is in front of a microphone, but let's call this exactly what it is, a disgraceful attempt to buy support from the unions before a primary."


We are pleased that the Ethics Commission decided today to fine Brett Smiley for his pay to play fundraising tactics and to investigate Tony Silva for hiding his financial interest in wetlands property. Slimy Smiley used his power over state vendors to fund his political ambitions. Sneaky Silva hid his financial interest in wetlands from the public while behind the scenes he pushed government officials to support his moneymaking scheme. Both of these former chiefs of staff to a governor exemplify Rhode Island’s unethical insider political culture. While we are happy that the Ethics Commission is holding these men accountable for their unethical conduct, it is sad that former Governor Raimondo and current Governor McKee were so willing to entrust these men with power in the first place. 


With House Resolution (H.R.) 1/Senate (S.)1 failing, Democrats have shifted their focus to pass H.R. 4.  H.R. 4 is yet another attempt to take over our federal elections.  Elections belong to the States…so says the Constitution. This election suppression act is designed to thwart election integrity, manipulate state redistricting decisions, and slant elections in an effort to help Democrats win.  Couple this with the damage already caused by Mail-in ballots, and our future elections are in significant trouble.  Once federalized, you will have no voice in your LOCAL RI ELECTIONS…NONE! 


Help us elect a REPUBLICAN Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General...REPUBLICAN State Representatives and Senators...who’ll fight for YOUR rights to keep elections SAFE, SECURE, FREE, and FAIR, and retain their control in RHODE ISLAND, not WASHINGTON D.C.  We NEED YOUR HELP! 

As we prepare for 2022, we need all hands on deck to help turn Rhode Island RED and force a Republican wave to TAKE CONTROL of the Rhode Island State House and the Executive. 

Based on voter enthusiasm and numbers of votes cast from the last election, we KNOW we can do it, but we'll need your help.



"As a parent, our most important responsibility is to raise good kids, and protect them as best we can, from the evils that surround them while growing up. Critical Race Theory is one such evil. It is an attempt by the left to divide our country against itself. In traditional Marxism, this was done through class. With CRT, race is used. CRT is a lie perpetuated by the left to get schools to trade the hearts, souls, and minds of our kids for political gain….with schools and other woke, self-loathing whites and rich blacks being the “Useful Idiots” in this example. Those who feel the ruling class is on their side will eventually find out that it is not. CRT distorts history, in essence, billing white people for events of some 150+ years ago, while making all of our kids; white, black, brown, yellow, and red, write the check, not with money but with their hearts, minds, and souls.

We will not allow it.

CRT and its proponents teach our kids that accountability, hard work, grit, and tenacity are non-factors in the success or failure of a person…that race is the only determining factor…that people of color are systematically oppressed by white people in all phases of our society. Kids of color are taught that, since the deck is so stacked against them, it is fruitless to try and get ahead on one’s own…It is a cyclical self-fulfilling prophecy, where many young black kids remain in the cycle of poverty because those whom their parents and grandparents have trusted for decades tell them that’s where they belong. CRT teaches kids of color that the only way they can achieve excellence is with artificially-engineered, equitable outcomes…that they don’t have what it takes to succeed on their own. We all know this is garbage and it is poison. It is also un-American, and it is insulting.


The chaos in Afghanistan makes clear what we all already knew: Joe Biden is incapable to lead and we are less safe because of him. This isn’t conjecture, but proven fact – through his administration’s decisive inaction, inexperience, and poor choices.

Biden said “…the buck stops with him”, yet has proceeded to blame everyone else for the chaos in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the chaos in Afghanistan is a direct result of Joe Biden’s failed policies and lack thereof (or simply poor) decision making.  As a result, the Taliban is now dictating terms to the United States of America – and Joe Biden is letting them get away with it.  Even the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, admitted that the successful evacuation of Americans depends on the Taliban’s cooperation.


     Advancing the model they set leading up to, during, and following the November, 2020 elections, the RNC continues its Constitutionally-supported legal challenges and robust financial investments in America's pursuit of Election Integrity.  The RNC is focused on FREE, SAFE, LEGAL, TRANSPARENT, and FAIR elections for every voter and is leading the fight to ensure that voter confidence in our election systems returns.  We are currently involved in 19 lawsuits across America to right the wrongs that so many of our fellow Citizens encountered during the entire 2020 Election Cycle.  Every day, more 'evidence' is being uncovered and the RNC is moving litigation forward to challenge wrong-doing, hold those responsible accountable for their actions, and safeguarding our most sacred right...OUR VOTE!


Recently, it has been learned that after becoming the Chief of Staff to Governor Daniel McKee, Anthony Silva attempted to influence Cumberland Mayor Jeff Mutter to support the development of wetlands property in which his son had financial interest. Also, although Mr. Silva’s admits he had a financial interest in the 45 Canning Street from 2017 through 2020, in financial disclosure reports for that time period, Mr. Silva never disclosed he had a financial interest in 45 Canning Street property. This is a violation of R.I.G.L § 36-14-17(b)(3). Accordingly, the R.I. Republican Party has filed a complaint with the R.I. Ethics Commission regarding Mr. Silva’s failure to properly disclose his financial interest in this property for at least four years.  
Furthermore, based on the fact that after he became the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Silva attempted to influence the Town of Cumberland regarding the property in which his son had a financial interest, an investigation should be conducted as to whether Mr. Silva attempted to influence in anyway the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) in granting a permit to develop the wetlands in June 2021 after DEM rejecting a similar request in 2019. We have no confidence that weak Governor McKee, who himself was previously fined by the Ethics Commission, would undertake a thorough investigation of his chief staff’s dubious activities. Therefore, we ask the Attorney General to investigate the Cumberland land deal orchestrated by Mr. Silva.  


Today, some who are lobbying to change Rhode Island law to make it easier to commit voter fraud are releasing numbers from their slanted poll to support their legislative agenda. In response, the R.I. Republican Party would like to offer a few statistics related to the recent South Kingstown special election on a school construction bond, which was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters. 
2. However, the Secretary of State had 63,012 registered voters listed in South Kingstown at the time of the election.
3. Only about 787 votes were cast by mail in this election, which is about 10.8 percent of all votes cast in this special election.
Stop wasting time trying to get people to vote by mail. Now that the pandemic is ending, people prefer to vote in person. Instead, spend time and money cleaning up the voter rolls. It is easy vote in Rhode Island. It’s time to make harder to cheat.


There have been recent news reports on Governor Dan McKee’s cancelation of a fundraiser hosted by Gerry Zarrella, former honorary co-chairman of the Trump’s Rhode Island campaign.

The R.I. Republican Party has the following comments:

“Let’s start out by saying what everybody knows: Governor Dan McKee is weak.

For weeks, McKee and his staff have known about Gerry Zarrella’s involvement in the fundraising event. It was only after the event was reported by the media that McKee decided to cancel the event and in the process, vilify someone who had supported President Trump. McKee did this because he is afraid of his party’s left wing and worried about losing a primary. Instead of trying to govern from the center and appeal to moderates, he is moving left. The problem for McKee is that he will never win over the left in the primary. The left will be voting for progressives like Magaziner or Elorza in the gubernatorial primary, not him.