Republican No Tolls BridgeWorks Plan

Sponsors – The Republican Policy Group:  GOP State Legislators from both Chambers who are working together to raise the profile of conservative answers to Rhode Island’s Fiscal Problems. The members of the RPG are as follows:                                 



The Project – Republican No Tolls BridgeWorks Plan: a detailed program designed to use existing revenues to provide public funds for sorely needed roadway and bridge repairs here in the Ocean State.  The Republican No Tolls BridgeWorks Plan actually provides nearly 40% more state funding for highway contracts than does the Governor’s plan for a Big Bond.  That Big Bond will cost You and Me more than $1.3 BILLION Dollars over the next Decade.

EP_Bridge_Presser_28_OCT_15.jpgRep. Patricia Morgan speaks to the press on October 28th, 2015.  While standing before a typical deteriorating overpass in East Providence, Morgan explained that the Republican No Tolls BridgeWorks Plan could start construction sooner and complete more repairs and maintenance over a ten year period than the Governor's plan permits.  She emphasized that the Republican plan was revenue neutral vs the Governor's proposal for statewide tolling and The Big Bond.  Joining Morgan at the press conference were her Republican Policy Group colleagues, Representatives Blake, Filippi, Mike Chippendale, and Bob Lancia (L to R).


The Mission Statement - The Objective of the Republican No Tolls BridgeWorks Plan is to alert Rhode Islanders from the Grass Roots, through the Legislature, to the Governor that a viable scheme exists in usable form to save our state $1.3Billion in additional taxes over ten years while simultaneously spending more money on actual construction and maintenance than is projected by any other plan.

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 Here's a segment of an Interview with M&G Transportation CEO Melody Majkut that details just how much long haul truckers pay for road use in RI already:




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