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Rhode Island cannot afford tolls!

In a state that is over-taxed, over-feed, and overtired of constant draining of taxpayer dollars on failing projects, Governor Gina Raimondo is proposing that we borrow 700 million dollars to pay for our crumbling infrastructure. In the long run, with interest payments, that would amount to over 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars being spent.

Infrastructure is incredibly important, and safety should be our top priority. We cannot, however, borrow our way out of this mess! Instead, we should find the resources within our current $8.7 Billion dollar budget. At the statehouse, the Republican Policy Group has already released their own plan that saves taxpayers 600 million versus Gina Raimondo's plan in borrowing costs. They accomplish this by shifting resources from current items in the budget. Supporting this plan (details here), or any alternative funding plan within our current budget should be our top priority. 

Tell Gina Raimondo & the Speaker NO TOLLS IN RI.


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